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DragoSanz VAULT DOORS have been developed to comply with the EN-1143/1, in accordance with the European Standard of Vaults, tested & certified by APPLUS to EUROGRADE VII.

We are proud in the knowledge that DragoSanz VAULT DOORS are the first to be tested and certified in Spain under the latest European Legislation.

STRONG ROOMS are installed in private residences and business environments. They can be utilised to secure archives, firearms, currencies, and other valuables when steel cabinets, chests or gun safes have insufficient space.

STRONG ROOMS provide a sensible solution for vast storage of valuable & sentimental items.

STRONG ROOM reinforced panels are made up of resistant composite materials with metallic fibres, which provide strong mechanical and thermal resistance; They have also been used to reinforce old Vault Rooms that do not reach the appropriate security grade.


2 key locks class III - Boltwork mechanisim, commanded by handle - 8 movable solid steel locking bolts of 40 mm - Grill door with 2 high security key locks, opening from either the inside or outside - Magnese steel plates (anti-drilling) - Key lock protected with strong tempered glass - Longitudinal bolt to avoid extraccion of door - 1 handle - In the event of a violent attack an automatic relocking system activates the total closure of the door - Rustproof surface and textured epoxy paint finish.



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