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The year was 1876, when D. José Sanz Feliu, studied the possibilities to begin his industry in Valencia in the late nineteenth century. It was then he founded Talleres Sanz, S.A. dedicating in the first instance to the production of water wheels.

The second generation of the company, Miguel and Vicente Sanz Simón, (1872-1930 and 1872-1936) respectively, not only continued the legacy, but because of demand and very good quality of their products, managed to significantly increase its customer base, which now covered not only the province of Valencia, but became known throughout the community, thus developing products ranging from timber machinery to steam engines amongst others. The next step was the introduction of scales and safes to the manufacturing process.

It is noteworthy that the dedication and effort to improve technologically all products bore fruit, for example, gold medals were received from the Valencia Regional Exhibition, (1909) and national exposure then followed.

The third generation, Miguel and Alfonso Sanz Pallás, inherited a thriving business that expanded to improve and develop new products, among others, metal clasps, insulating tubes and even porta-cabins, investing in new technologies and innovation.

The fourth generation, Alfonso Sanz Alarte continued to grow, improve and modernize the manufactured products, with the premise to make the company competitive in the national market.

Today, under the direction of Alfonso and Susana Sanz Fernández (fifth generation), our company is dedicated to manufacturing safes, vaults and pneumatic tube systems in compliance with all regulations and market requirements, investing in research & development and without neglecting aesthetics and security of our products.

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